Our goal

To provide the AI community with a not-for-profit publisher with a heavy-weight scientific board that publishes open access monographs and collected works which are available electronically for free and in hard copy at close to cost.

What are our goals?

Journal publishing has benefitted immensely from innovations provided by open and online models of publication. We believe the publishing of scientific books can profit in a similar way. There are many opportunities. First and foremost, we will provide open access electronically to all our texts at no cost to authors or to readers. We will provide such open access via multiple channels: on our website, in the iTunes store, on the Kindle and anywhere else you would like. We will also embrace the full potential of electronic publishing. For example, we can provide links to videos, slides and other materials.

Our vision

Online journals like the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) have helped improve scientific publishing. We believe that the publishing of scientific books can be transformed in a similar way. JAIR’s publisher, the AI Access Foundation has therefore decided to become a not-for-profit publisher of scientific books that cover the full range of topics in AI. All books will be open access, available for free electronically. The books published by AI Access will be selected by a heavy weight scientific board, and will always be peer reviewed.